Thermoforming Machinery Range

Thermoforming ATF series machines are designed for thermoforming, filling and sealing  a plastic containers of various shapes and sizes, formed by roll PVC, PS, PP or PE film. Packs can be filled with any product and this determines the type of the dosing device used in the machinery.

Depending on modification, ATF machines can be used for packaging various types of liquid, powder and granular products.

All machines in the series have a similar working principle, which includes the following steps:

Due to the specifics of the thermoforming process, ATF series machines are designed and manufactured on given parameters. Attached materials are for illustrative purposes and are intended to present possible applications of this type of equipment. For more information and inquiries, please use the contact form.

ATF-21CH thermoforming machine is designed for filling and packaging of various types of dairy products. It is suited for packaging of processed cheese, butter, margarine, cream, ice-cream and more.

As with other machines in the series ATF, thermoforming  cycle includes vacuum forming of the container, filling the product, thermal sealing of the boxes, cutting of finished packs and waste material winding as the last step of the packaging cycle.

AFT-21CH Thermoforming Machine

1. Unwinding the film

2. Heating the film

3. Vacuum forming containers body

4. Filling the product

5. Sealing the container

б. Punching

7. Separation

8. Winding of the waste film

Output up to 1000 boxes/hour

The machine works with two channels and two boxes are produced on each cycle.

AFT-35LQ Thermoforming Machine

ATF-3x5 LQ is a thermoforming packaging machine for filling and sealing of liquid products in blister forms. The machine thermoforms ampoules of a hard plastic material, performs the product filling and then seals the container. Works with 5 individual adjustable dosing lines, which allows filling of various chemicals in a one blister.

For specific products that require processing only at a certain temperature and viscosity, a device for heating and stirring the liquid can be supplied with machine.

Output up to 600 blisters/hour

On request it can be manufactured for filling a single liquid and with cutting  mechanism for cutting the blister on individual ampoules.

AFT-10BX Thermoforming Machine

ATF-10BX is a special model designed to perform only the first of the three operations typical for  this type of machinery, namely  - the molding of the pack. The machine works with different materials and on request can be modified to form containers  with different sizes, shape and volume.

The replaceable mould allows the manufacture of various containers using the same material and within the technical specifications of the machine.

Output 8-10 cycles/min

The machine can be used independently or together with rotary sealing machine RSM-61R

AFT-10BX Thermoforming Machine

ATF-26P thermoforming machine is designed for packaging of small products such as capsules, pastilles, chewing gums in blister or other forms.

In four consecutive cycles are performed:

- Thermoforming the blister

- Placing the products

- Sealing the blister with aluminum foil

- Cutting of the form

Output up to 2400 blisters/hour

Placing the product in thermoformed container is done by 6 separate dosing lines.

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